Bright Awakening



That moment of realization, of wonder. That moment when you realize the world is more than you and no matter how hard you try, your faith is suddenly all you have left. A moment of beauty, but also a moment of fear when you finally see the world and all its impossibilities and scarier yet, its possibilities. It’s as if the world is open and that moment when you feel so conflicted. Your mind wants to close away the unknown, the dangerous. But your heart wants to peak, wants to see, wants to risk. And it’s in that moment when you face the biggest choice of your life. You must choose. Heart or Mind? The choice for most seems simple, but it’s really very complicated. It goes to the depth of what it means to be human. Our nature is towards our mind. Will we deny our very being? Will we choose the obvious answer? The safe, predictable answer that leads to a world of possibilites. It’s in this moment that I know what my answer is. I choose heart. Words don’t really describe how freeing a choice it is. Seperated from our nature, the world opens once more. This time though, not with possibilities, but with the endless, everlasting impossibilities just waiting to be discovered at last.